Sphaera soap

Sphaera is inspired by the everyday rituals of bathing and cleansing, and the opportunities these afford for quiet moments of self-care.

Our new collection of advanced pH balanced shampoo and conditioner bars meet at the intersection of science, nature, performance and design.

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Sphaera soap

Travel Kit

Our travel kits contain a generous duo of mini shampoo and conditioner bar. This is an accessible way to try the range or take our bars with you wherever you might go.

Shampoo + Conditioner Travel Kits
Sphaera soap

pH balanced hair care with key botanical actives

As a genuinely sustainable solution to premium, clean hair care, our bars are formulated without soap, palm oil, sulphates, silicones, artificial colours or fragrances, phthalates, or parabens. All our bars are vegan, colour safe and suitable for the Curly Girl Method.

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Sphaera soap
Sphaera soap

Cold process soap bars

Crafting a soap formula is a science of balance. Each of our bars is carefully designed to respond to a particular space, use or skin type using pure plant oils, butters, milks and naturally occurring fine clays.

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